Numerology Experts - LJayashree Ranganathan

Numerology Experts - LJayashree Ranganathan

Part 1

What is Numerology?

Role of numbers in your life.

Physic Number

Destiny Number

8 Types of plane in numerology

How to prepare number scope

Kua number

Compatibility of numbers

Physic and Destiny (81 combs)

Numbers detailing personality

Question & Answer Session

Part 2

Impact of numbers (Repetitive Numbers in DOB)

Impact of missing numbers

How to fill the missing numbers (Remedy Part - 1)

Role of conductor number

Master conductor number

Future trend

Personal year trend

Personal day trend

Personal month trend

Luck factor for year,month & day

Role of colours in numerology

Practise & research of prediction part

Part 3

Role of name spelling in life (Master Stroke)

How to correct name spelling

How to use corrected name spelling without changing in official documents

How to detect profession according to DOB

To uplift the DOB

Compatibility of numeroscope of 2 or more people

Big arrow

Small arrow

Prediction without DOB (Prashan Lagan)

Love marriage & arrange marriage

Relationship sector

Karmic numbers

How to read a numeroscope professionally

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