Vastu For Home

The meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success. If a house is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life.

Most of the Modern Home / House Consists of Bedroom, Bathroom , Kitchen, Living Room, Toilet & Pooja / Prayer / Temple Room

RoomIn modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and happiness in the life. In 75 per cent of the existing house or business places, there is no need for major demolition or reconstruction for vastu corrections. The beauty of Vastu is that you can be benefited by incorporating minor changes, which make major changes in your life.

A Vastu defect can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by applying harmony colours, by changing the placements, by using regulators & remedies. Every vastu defect has some kind of remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.

Vastu For Plots

The complete concept of selection of plots and sites for construction revolves around two major things : "Right Directions" and "Right Shape". Any site personifies a preset form which has its own roots to radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil quality.

Each small particle of the sand and its surroundings bring peace and harmony or pains and sorrows in life.

Hence it is always advised to consult a vastu expert before investing in any land or plot so that the base on which you want to stand, supports your roots to success to become stalwart.

According to vastu best plots are those that are rectangular or square in the shape. Such site brings good for tune for the owner.

Plot with missing corner should be avoided. It can be used only if corrections are possible with vastu remedies.

Plot with extended corner other than north east creates different kind of vastu defect based on its extended directions.

Plot with road towards north and east brings more prosperity.

Vastu For Office

In the present time, businesses are developing very fast and small towns are developing into industrial cities. Production is increasing day by day, new offices are opening on the daily basis but what will happen if you open a office investing lot of money and with new hopes and it does not work, then?? Then you must go for a Vastu check.

Vastu has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of vastu application in their office interiors. Since using vastu Shastra does not disturb the modern look, it has gained a wide acceptance all over world.

To ensure bountiful output, good profit and efficiency in work, many people design their workplace according to vaastu shastra. Following vaasthu remedies for office ensures that its employees will work efficiently, which in turn would prove to be beneficial for the company.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Offices :-
  • Shape of the office
  • Reception Area Arrangement
  • Promotion area
  • Main Entrance of the office
  • Door View
  • Location of the Master Cabin, CEO, Manager, Managing Director, Director and any key staff
  • Place of Financial department
  • Staff placement & orientations
  • Location & arrangements of conference room

Vastu For Industry

Building A new Factory or Industry require Huge Investments & Have multi tasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Land Acquisition , Raw material Purchasing, Architecture and Planning , Accounting, Liaising with government Department , And, more importantly taking care of HUMAN RESOURCES (labor related issues).

Proper Vastu helps in co-coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors.

As per Vastu Shastra, We will Guide you to organize your Industries, Commercial Establishment, Factory, Godown, Shops/Showrooms, Hotels, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Cinema Theatres And Business For Success in such a way with objective to provide you propersity, peace and progress.

It ensures the successful running of business activities, leading to larger production and better monetary profits. Applying vaastu advice for industry can be of great help and it pave way for prosperity in business as well

We offer vastu consultancy for industrial & commercial undertakings such as :

  1. Selecting prosperous industrial lands.
  2. Expansion and diversification.
  3. Improving business performance.
  4. Reviving sick units.
  5. Earlier and smooth disposal of unwanted factories.
Vastu for Hotels

Vaastu helps a great deal in ensuring that commercial buildings, such as hotels, would have a booming business, Many things are taken into consideration, while suggesting the right Vaasthu remedies for hotels.

Vastu for Hospitals

A hospital needs a lot of positive energy and careful planning, according to Vastu recommendations. People nurture high hopes of getting back to their normal health by defeating fatal ailments, when they undergo treatment in a hospital

Vastu for Shops

To open the gateway of monetary benefits and ensure smooth running of the operations of shops, many people resort to the very ancient, yet popular vastu shastra. Not just because of the fact that it is a very old science, but also because of positive results given by it. The ancient science is not only confined to India - its native.