Vastu Experts - LJayashree Ranganathan

Best Vastu Expert in Delhi / NCR

LJayashree ranganathan has experience of 11 years in vastu shastra she has done many projects in india as well as in other countries.

She has also extended her studies to learning numerology, rekhi and fengshui, thus having knowledge in multiple fields.

She has also learnt pyravastu by Dr. Jiten bhatt.

She provides consultation and education on all the above mentioned issues for any problem take an appointment on the provided number or email address.

Vastu expert LJayashree Ranganathan has the experience of providing Vastu Services. Rendering of such services entail, inter alia, site visits, Vastu teaching and education of clients. Our clientele includes individual owning residential and / or commercial offices and properties.

Onsite services involves site visit, topography analysis and other Vastu related aspects to get maximum advantage for the property owner. We also provide Offsite services which involves review and study of the reports, site map etc by the property owner and recommendations either through email or phone.

Our services focus on providing expert assistance to the property owner in the a) selection of plot; b) new construction / renovation design(s). Property owners can contact us with details of their property(ies) and/ or plans for consultations