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Our Products

Vastu defects can be profoundly suppressed with Vastu products or instruments that help negating the negative energy flowing at/in the site making it positive and better for human living. Some of the Vastu products/instruments that combats negativity at/in the site are:

Vastu Pyramid

The word 'Pyramid' is a Greek term which is formed from two words - pyra and mid. While 'pyra' stands for fire, the universal life energy or cosmic force, the word 'mid' denotes middle or center core. Built in Egypt centuries ago, the mystery of pyramids baffled human minds for a long time. However, after much research and investigation, it has been deciphered that pyramids were essentially constructed to harness the cosmic energies. These cosmic energies in turn kept the interiors of the pyramid fresh and energized. The power of pyramids has been put to use in various sectors such as vaastu, astrology, color therapy, spiritual meditation and medical healing.

A unique revolutionary solution, Pyramid Vastu combines time-tested concepts of ancient wisdom with the new age approach. It balances the electromagnetic field of the human aura, thereby harmonizing mind, body, spirit and environment. If a person successfully boosts up the standing columnar wave (SCW) of the chakra energy, his/her mind would surely be filled with positive thoughts. Activated pyramid vastu kit if placed strategically assures health, wealth and prosperity. Another major advantage of pyramid is that it corrects the defects without physically altering, shifting or breaking any house, office, shop, factory, sick unit or corporate house.

The core principles of Pyramid Vastu are based on Vastu Shastra. Most of the times, we buy a plot or construct a house only to realize that the plot or the house has numerous vastu defects. Now, it is not possible to completely change or buy a new one. In such circumstances, vastu pyramids come in handy. They are a new concept of energy level corrections that achieve all these things in a hassle-free manner. The common link between vastu shastra and pyramid vastu is channelizing the cosmic energies for constructive purpose. While vastu shastra was conceived for the betterment of mankind, pyramids were essentially constructed for the for the benefit of the Pharaohs and their souls.

Ideally, vasthu pyramids are installed in the center of the house or a specific room or even an energetic key point in the house. This is essentially done to curb all the vastu defects to a high degree. In the range of about 22 meters, vastu pyramid corrects about 75% of all the defects. The combined usage of yantras with a vastu pyramid .Thus, without changing each of the specific defects, installation of a vasatu pyramid secures and neutralizes all of a building's negative energies.

Vastu Yantra

Vastu yantra is a scared object that negates the defects and negative effects of Vastu dosha at a respective place. The yantra is usually made of any royal treasure or metal for instance gold, silver or copper and helps in discarding ill aftermaths of wrong placement of house or any of the Vastu dosha.

Vaastu yantras are specifically designed for rectifying the faults of a building, site, home or office due to wrong construction or creation.

Vastu Energy Plate

Energy plate is again a tool in Vastu which is used for correction as a remedy. Energy plate differs in colour and symbol which is engraved on it for specific purpose. These energy plates are known for their super natural power that one gets by installing in house.

The vastu plates help in the creation of pyramid energy field which is very essential for the happiness and prosperity of the people residing in the house. The most important symbol of Hindu mythology which is known Swastika is usually depicted on the vastu plates. In order to get the best results it is very important for you to install the plates in the right direction and location.

Vastu Gem Stone

A Vaastu gemstone is similarly functional as an astrological gem. An astrological gem would be given basis your horoscope. In the similar tone, a Vaastu gemstone is given basis scanning your property. This stone also helps in bringing happiness, success and wealth in your lives.

The Vaastu gemstones are also natural stones that are also mined from beneath the earth. All of them have great amplifying traits that bring in excessive energy. There is a mass amount of fatal energy that surrounds inside the gemstone and affects your emotional and mental side of your life.

Vastu Crystals

Crystals were considered unique for solving any kind of dense mentally disturbing problems. They have exceptional healing properties tried and tested over centuries. All the energies from crystals help to build an aura around you that will be full of warmth and satisfaction.

Crystals are well acknowledged for their spiritual power, healing properties and have been energizing our homes to make a prosper living place contained with all around bliss.